First Meeting of the IDSF Working Group

On 25 October 2009 the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) Working Group on VISION 2012 met for the first time in Sant Cugat, ESP, to discuss the further proceedings in trying to have IDSF evolve into the World DanceSport Federation.

Previously, on 14 June, the 2009 IDSF Annual General Meeting held in Macau, CHN, had unanimously passed the following motion:

"That this meeting directs and encourages the Presidium to continue working on VISION 2012, and to establish a working group including representatives of Associate Members, representatives of other key IDSF Member Bodies and representatives of other dance disciplines. The meeting directs that this working group shall consider all the information and questions raised in the 2009 IDSF Forum in Macau and also any responses or questions received from IDSF Members during or after the Forum. The working group’s work will be communicated on a regular periodic basis to all IDSF Member Bodies, and all IDSF Member Bodies are encouraged to provide their comments in writing."

Present at the first meeting of the IDSF Working Group were:
  1. IDSF Presidium Members Freitag, Hinder, Sietas and Tay
  2. French DanceSport Federation President Marty
  3. German DanceSport Federation President Allert
  4. Italian DanceSport Federation President Galvagno and Technical Secretary Valeri
  5. World Rock ‘n’ Roll Confederation President Kerpan-Izak and Secretary General Herrmann
  6. International Dance Organization Senior Vice-President Storbratten
  7. International Professional DanceSport Council President Tondon
  8. International Paralympic Committee Wheelchair DanceSport Manager Charitaki and Technical Director Andersen
  9. United Western Country Dance Council – International Affairs President Bartholomew
  10. International Cheer Union Secretary General Olson and Adviser Jacki
  11. IDSF Advisers Bunn and Hilfiker

    The following joint declaration was drafted between the representatives of the different organisations at the conclusion of the meeting:

    DanceSport as a Unifying Force
  • All organisations present support the World DanceSport Federation concept (Vision 2012) as worked out on 25/10/2009 in Sant Cugat.
  • All organisations agree to create a working group.
  • The working group is mandated to continue analysis based on information presented at the meeting with the intention of creating the WDSF.
  • Each organisation is to define the profile of its sport division within WDSF and to
    Provide information on current organisation (incl. structure and statutes);
    Provide information on financial activities.
  • Each organisation is to consider the list of obstacles and send proposed solutions to the IDSF Office.